Classically Trained

Jennifer is classically trained and shares these classical techniques with you so you can achieve the best performance and vocal range with your unique instrument. She helps you build healthy singing techniques.

Jennifer helps you to use your natural talents to the best of your ability.

Vocal Techniques

Some of the techniques she covers include:

  • Finding your personal singing style
  • Learn how to sing with power and confidence
  • Breath support/diaphragm support
  • Vocal projection
  • Accurate pitch control
  • Enhancing your natural voice
  • Vocal exercises/vocal techniques
  • How to care for your voice
  • Correct tone production
  • All styles of music and singing
  • Increase your confidence level
  • Lyric diction and phrasing
  • Strengthen rhythmic skills
  • Developing a musical ear
  • Enhance natural talent
  • Interpretation
  • Improve foreign language pronunciation
  • Music theory
  • Improve sight-reading skills
  • Become a more complete performer
  • Prepare for auditions & performances